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Quadoa® Optical CAD V22.12.1
Download Quadoa® Optical CAD V22.12.1 for Windows
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Changelog V22.12.1
Bugfix: Crash on optimization of invalid user-sequence
Changelog V22.12.0
Improved High-DPI support
Optimization of aperture (Stop and Object Space)
Improved optimization speed
NEW: Filter for main Optical Design Editor to filter out certain items
Import for 3rd-party material catalog files (AGF)
Increase aiming robustness for image heigth sequences and strong fields
Moved visual plot settings to extra settings menu and added more options
Changed location for Python and Matlab templates to the user data folder
Added new material catalogs (Zeonex, Osaka-Chemical)
New footprint type "On Sphere" also for plane wavefront
Larger Manual update
Lots of smaller improvements and bugfixes
Scripting Interfaces for CodeMeter License Dongle
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Scripting Interfaces for Sentinel License Dongle
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Sentinel USB-Dongle License Driver For Sentinel Dongle Licenses it is necessary to install the Sentinel HASP/LDK Runtime on the computer where Quadoa® Optical CAD is running. For network licenses it is also neccessary to install the HASP/LDK Runtime on the network server.
Download Sentinel HASP/LDK Runtime for Sentinel Dongle
File Size: 23.5 MB
For software based licenses it is required to install the Quadoa® Vendor Library manually. For hardware based licenses protected via an USB-Dongle the installation of the Quadoa® Vendor Library is not necessary. Download Quadoa® Vendor Library for software protected licenses
File Size: 24.1 MB
Download Sentinel External License Manager
File Size: 2.9 MB
License Update Utility To update your Quadoa® License, the Quadoa® License Update Utility is required.
Download Quadoa® License Update Utility
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Free Trial of Quadoa® Optical CAD
Download Trial Quadoa® Optical CAD V22.12.1
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Release Version Release Date Download
Quadoa Optical CAD V22.12.1 2022, Dec 1st Download
Quadoa Optical CAD V2022.10 2022, Oct 13th Download
Quadoa Optical CAD V2022.08 2022, Sept 11th Download
Quadoa Optical CAD V2022.06 2022, June 27th Download
Quadoa Optical CAD V2022.05 2022, May 05th Download
Quadoa Optical CAD V2022.04 2022, April 04th Download
Quadoa Optical CAD V2022.01 2022, January 17th Download
Quadoa Optical CAD V2021.12 2021, December 9th Download
Quadoa Optical CAD V2021.06 2021, June 14th Download
Quadoa Optical CAD V2020.11 2020, November 11th Download
Quadoa Optical CAD V2020.08 2020, August 13th Download
Quadoa Optical CAD V2020.02 2020, February 24th Download
Quadoa Optical CAD V2020.01 2020, January 25th Download