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Quadoa® Optical CAD V2022.04
Download Quadoa® Optical CAD V2022.04 for Windows Download Quadoa® Optical CAD V2022.04 for Linux
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Download Quadoa® Optical CAD V2022.04 for Linux
File Size: 70.2 MB
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Changelog V2022.04
Added Wizard for fitting Surface Forms to Zygo-Dat files, CSV-Pointclounds and CSV-Raster files from e.g. interferometric measurements
Added Through Focus MTF based on FFT and Huygens MTF
Added Afocal Image Space: Sequence Setting to show plots over angular units instead of lateral position in mm
Added Q-Type Polynomial Form QCon and QBfs according to G. W. Forbes
Added *.ZMX Import for Q-Type Aspheres
Added Code V Import/Export for Spheres and Aspheres
Added Collimation Wizard which allows to quickly collimate a system by moving a Lens or Surface
Added Classical Lens Wizard: The Classical Lens Wizard allows to enter lens data in a Classical - surface list based - way, as known from other optical design software
Added Seidel Aberration Plot and Report
Added SVG file export for Lens Drawings, as well as support for Aspheric Surfaces in ISO10110 Report
Added functions for getting basic parameters like effective focal length, NA, F#, ... to Python and MATLAB® Interface
Changed Sign Convention for OPL and Wavefront Plots
Added Skew-Gaussian Random Distribution to Tolerancing
Added More Optimization goals to Optimizer
Added Gaussian Beam Propagation to show a Gaussian beam in the 3D view, as well as Report showing basic parameters based on the Skew-Ray-Method by Paul D. Colbourne
Added Strehl Ratio to Optimizer as well to Huygens PSF plot
Changed Sequence, so the primary Wavelenght can be selected
Added Wizard for conversion between Surface Form Types
More robust rayaiming method to allow to find the straving incident from rays pointing away from the surface (e.g. in parabolic reflectors)
Added Surface Form Types: Super Gauss, Elliptic Gauss
Added LineCut along X/Y axis to all surface-type 3D plots
Speed up of Geometric PSF / MTF
Nicer ISO10110 Report incl. icons and surface specifications
Lots of smaller bug fixes
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