Research & Educational License Request Select the toolboxes and packages for which you would like to have a quote request. With the optional toolboxes you pay only for the features you need for your personal requirements. The quote request is not a binding sales agreement and without obligation. The Quadoa® distribution partner in Asia will contact you afterwards.
Our contribution to education and science Quadoa® considers its responsibility to support scientific institutes and research institutes with cost-effective and straightforward modern software tools. The cost-effective research- and education license and the free student licenses within the Quadoa Student Program provides scientists and students with an affordable access to state-of-the-art optical design software. As a result, Quadoa® contributes to a successful education of students and supports scientific research institutions with advanced optical software. For detailed license information please read the Educational & Research License Details.
Quadoa Optical CAD Basic License Quadoa® Optical CAD - Perpetual Research & Educational License Includes Quadoa® Optical CAD perpetual research license (without time restriction) and 1 year Software & Maintenance Support. Available platform:
Quadoa Optical CAD Mechanics Toolbox Toolbox: Mechanics Analyzer The Mechanics Analyzer Toolbox enables direct integration of custom-made or commercial mechanical components inside the optical design. Import and Export of STEP,- IGES- and STL-Files. Available platform:
Quadoa Optical CAD Scripting Toolbox Toolbox: Python, MATLAB® & C++ SDK Interface Access all core functions of Quadoa® Optical CAD via the powerful scripting languages Python, MATLAB® & C++. Automate repetitive tasks and integrate Quadoa® in other applications. Available platform:
Quadoa Optical CAD Wave Optics Toolbox Toolbox: Wave Optics The Wave Optics Toolbox provides beamlet propagation methods that allow to simulate wave-optical phenomena like interference and diffraction or free space propagation of coherent beams. Available platform:
Quadoa Optical CAD Network License Network License A network license allows to use Quadoa® without the need of a single license dongle and to share the license in the whole company network. The license has to be connected to the network server at all times or installed on the server in order to run Quadoa®. Available platform:
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Educational & Research License Details Who can acquire the research license for universities and research institutes? The Quadoa® Optical CAD research license for universities and research institutes gives researchers access to a modern optical design tool. The Research License is not subject to any restrictions on use for publications and patent applications. Universities and research institutes can acquire the Quadoa® Optical CAD research license. The research must be carried out and accommodated on site at the university or research institute and must be funded by the university or research institute itself. If Quadoa® Optical CAD is used as part of your education class for teaching purpose, you are eligible for a educational & research license.