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What is Quadoa® Optical CAD?

Quadoa® Optical CAD is the first multi-sequential optical design software for the complete prototyping process of optical systems.
With the main focus on optical simulation, analysis and optimization, Quadoa®'s next-generation optical design software features a wide range of comprehensive optical design capabilities.
High-level elements significantly simplify the handling and maintenance of complex optical systems.
Multi-sequential capability opens up a new range of design options and analysis features.
Real time analysis workbench saves unnecessary iteration steps after final design.
Full bi-directional compatibility with mechanical CAD software enhances the opto-mechanical development in a new way.
MODERN OPTICS REQUIRE MODERN FEATURES Modern features implemented in QUADOA® OPTICAL CAD help to design even complex systems. The object based CAD architecture allows to model, simulate, analyze and optimize the digital optical design more realistic and in less time from first draft to final design.
Quadoa Optical CAD Logo
IMAGING SYSTEMS VR & AR, Microscopy, Endoscopy, Camera-Systems, Head-Up-Displays LASER SYSTEMS Semiconductor, Material processing, Medical technology, Generative Methods METROLOGY Optical sensors, 3D-Digitalizing, Analysis & Metrology, Spectroscopy, Interferometry
Quadoa Optical CAD Logo
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